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CD Quadro Nuevo End of the Rainbow


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Quadro Nuevo & the NDR Pops Orchestra

Beguiling arabesques, melodies from the old Europe of Charles Trenet’s “Que reste-t-il de nos amours” and “Du gehst durch all meine Träume” to the lavish intensity of Astor Piazzolla’s tango anthem “Oblivion”. Presented in an orchestral setting yet intensely intimate – a shared ride on a magic carpet ride to the legendary end of the rainbow.

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  1. Que reste-t-il de nos amours ? [Charles Trenet / Arr.: Mulo Francel & Enrique Ugarte] 1:30
  2. Prinzessin Josephina [Andreas Hinterseher / Arr.: Enrique Ugarte & A.Hinterseher] 1:30
  3. Canzone della Strada [Mulo Francel / Arr.: Mulo Francel] 1:30
  4. Du gehst durch all meine Träume [Peter Kreuder / Arr.: Peter Hinderthür] 1:30
  5. La Cumparsita [Gerardo Matos Rodríguez / Arr.: Enrique Ugarte] 1:30
  6. Die Reise nach Batumi [Mulo Francel / Arr.: Enrique Ugarte] 1:30
  7. Aventure [Mulo Francel / Arr.: Mulo Francel & Enrique Ugarte] 1:30
  8. Miserlou [Trad. / Arr.: Mulo Francel & Enrique Ugarte] 1:30
  9. Ack Värmeland du sköna [Trad. / Arr.: Mulo Francel & Enrique Ugarte] 1:32
  10. Locanda del Sole [Andreas Hinterseher / Arr.: Enrique Ugarte & A.Hinterseher] 1:32
  11. Mohn [D.D. Lowka / Arr.: Enrique Ugarte] 1:30
  12. Tango del Mare [Gino Redi / Arr.: Mulo Francel & Enrique Ugarte] 1:30
  13. Oblivion [Astor Piazzolla / Arr.: Enrique Ugarte] 1:30

Total length 77:11
conducted by Enrique Ugarte
recorded live in
NDR’s Großer Sendesaal in Hannover, Germany
6th & 7th October 2011

Beguiling arabesques, melodies from the old Europe. Presented in an orchestral setting yet intensely intimate.

Almost forgotten songs too precious to be lost to oblivion; enchanting musical gems such as Charles Trenet’s “Que reste-t-il de nos amours”, Peter Kreuder’s “Du gehst durch alle meine Träume” and “Tango del Mare” by Carlo Buti. The breathtaking intensity of Astor Piazzolla’s “Oblivion” meets the sensual virtuosity and passion with which the four globe-trotting musicians bring unique adventure to the here and now.

Contemporary arrangements create an equilibrium between orchestra and soloists and inspire Quadro Nuevo’s passionate virtuosi to soaring flights and daring improvisations – a magic carpet ride together to the legendary end of the rainbow.

From the 32-page booklet:

How do you reach the end of the rainbow?

A realist would say: not at all
A philosopher would say: through your imagination
A priest would say: by faith
A crook would say: give me some money and I’ll show you
A mother would say: in your dreams
A child would say: that’s easy!
A fool would say: beyond the next hill, that’s where it must be, I can see it
A musician would say: just listen

The end of the rainbow is where you can perceive beauty without needing to grasp it.

The NDR Orchestra, one of the world’s most renowned orchestras, plays here in its extended lineup. Since 2010, the collaboration with Quadro Nuevo has led to many joint periods of work and sold-out concerts.

Conductor Enrique Ugarte is the director of the Basque National Orchestra San Sebastian and has orchestrated many well-known movie soundtracks. He also toured with Giora Feidman and this has given him a close insight into the workings of a unique lineup such as Quadro Nuevo. It is a stroke of good fortune to have Ugarte as the connecting link between the orchestra and the soloists.

Quadro Nuevo has been touring the globe since 1996 and has given more than 3000 concerts:
Sidney, Montreal, Ottawa, Kuala Lumpur, Istanbul, New York, New Orleans, Mexico City, Peking, Seoul, Singapore, Tunis, Tel Aviv. From the tranquillity of Upper Bavaria, the road has taken them over the Alps to Porto and clear across Europe from Denmark through the Balkans to the Ukraine.

The instrumental quartet has established its own form of melodic poetry beyond all genre pigeon holes.
Quadro Nuevo’s CDs have received the German Jazz Award, climbed the Jazz and World Music Top Ten charts and been awarded the European Phono Golden Impala Prize in Paris.

In 2010 and 2011, the group was honored by the German Phono Academy in the category “Jazz/World Music, Best Live Act” and awarded the Academy’s highest distinction, the Echo.
In addition to their numerous CDs, the group has published the 224 page autobiographical road book Grand Voyage.

The album “end of the rainbow”
was recorded live in the sold-out Radio-Philharmonie Hannover on October 6 & 7, 2011.
Conductor: Enrique Ugarte.

The CD includes a 32-page booklet with numerous photos of Quadro Nuevo with the NDR Orchestra and Quadro Nuevo in Paris as well as poetic commentaries on the songs and information about the album’s concept.

With the exception of a piano, the over 80 musicians bring almost everything to the stage that the European instrumental kaleidoscope has to offer: from accordion to timpani, from oboe to tuba, from mandolin to harp, from viola to saxophone.

Quadro Nuevo made the journey from Upper Bavaria, the orchestra is predominantly from Northern Germany. Successfully overcoming the old “Germanic tribe” clichés, the musicians demonstrate here how wonderfully the north-south connection can harmonize.
Perhaps too, because a Basque is at the helm and the eager attentiveness of 1800 enthralled listeners lends greater meaning to this musical teamwork.

Quadro Nuevo is:
Evelyn Huber Harp, salterio 
Mulo Francel 
Saxophones, clarinets, mandolin
D.D. Lowka Bass, percussion
Andreas Hinterseher Accordion, vibrandoneon, bandoneon

The NDR Pops Orchestra plays in big line-up