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Pictures and infos about our programmes

Our current programmes are – unless stated otherwise – MARE, HAPPY Deluxe, Flying Carpet, TANGO, Wunder Welt Musik, Canzone della Strada, Mocca Flor, End of the Rainbow, Grand Voyage or simply Quadro Nuevo.

Quadro Nuevo performs in the following line-up:
Always playing are Mulo Francel (Saxophone, Clarinet, Mandolin), Andreas Hinterseher (Accordion, Vibrandoneon, Bandoneon), D.D. Lowka (Double Bass, Percussion).
A great fourth musician always joins us for the concerts: Either Chris Gall (Piano), Paulo Morello (Guitar), Tim Collins (Vibraphone), Izabella Effenberg (Vibraphone) or Philipp Schiepek (Guitar).

Pressefoto Quadro Nuevo  ‚‚TANGO‘‘

Programme ‚‚TANGO‘‘

During their 20 years of touring, Quadro Nuevo has been on a quest to find the very soul of Tango. The intrepid Virtuosi have travelled to countless places, boldly sounded out more adventurous ways of playing and have been rewarded twice with the ECHO for their efforts.

Programme „Flying Carpet“

An intoxicating flight through the Occident and Orient.

The music of the multi-ECHO-winning ensemble creates a momentum that audiences cannot resist: the magic carpet takes flight.

Pressefoto Quadro Nuevo  „Flying Carpet“
Pressefoto Quadro Nuevo  „Flying Carpet: Quadro Nuevo meets Cairo Steps“

Programme „Flying Carpet: Quadro Nuevo meets Cairo Steps“

Quadro Nuevo meets Cairo Steps

An exotic, inspiring and sweeping sound experience. Music as a magic carpet, crossing all boundaries of time, politics and religion.

Programme ‚‚Wonder World Music‘‘ (Quadro Nuevo as Quartett with Chris Gall on piano)

From Tango and extravagant Flying Carpet melodies, Quadro Nuevo now brings bold instrumental interpretations of German folk songs to the stage:
daring - wordless - moving.

Pressefoto Quadro Nuevo  ‚‚Wonder World Music‘‘ (Quadro Nuevo as Quartett with Chris Gall on piano)
Pressefoto Quadro Nuevo  „Canzone della Strada‘‘

Programme „Canzone della Strada‘‘

In its programme Canzone della Strada, Quadro Nuevo explores old Italian tango and lyrical canciones.
Music of an Italy almost lost in time, once so enchantingly presented by long forgotten singers of the likes of Carlo Buti, Nilla Pizzi and Claudio Villa.

Programme ‚‚Quadro Nuevo - End of the Rainbow‘‘

How do you reach the end of the rainbow?

A realist would say: not at all
A philosopher would say: through your imagination
A priest would say: by faith
A crook would say: give me some money and I’ll show you
A mother would say: in your dreams
A child would say: that’s easy!
A fool would say: beyond the next hill, that’s where it must be, I can see it
A musician would say: just listen.

Pressefoto Quadro Nuevo  ‚‚Quadro Nuevo - End of the Rainbow‘‘
Pressefoto Quadro Nuevo  ‚‚Quadro Nuevo & Orchester - End of the Rainbow‘‘

Programme ‚‚Quadro Nuevo & Orchester - End of the Rainbow‘‘

Passionate Tangos, beguiling arabesques, melodies from old Europe. Presented in an orchestral setting yet intensely intimate.

Programme „Grand Voyage‘‘

Songs of a Grand Voyage

Each one of Quadro Nuevo’s songs transports us to a different part of the world and carries within it the pure atmosphere of that particular place:

a wild ride across the harsh Crimean peninsula, London’s old world charm, the lightness of the Mediterranean, a Tango from New York, crazy days in Istanbul, a night of revelry in Transylvania, secret gardens in Malaysia, warm rain in Paris.

Pressefoto Quadro Nuevo  „Grand Voyage‘‘
Pressefoto Quadro Nuevo Ensemble „Quadro Nuevo‘‘

Ensemble „Quadro Nuevo‘‘

Quadro Nuevo is the European answer to the Argentine tango

Arabesques, Balkan swing, ballads, daredevil improvisations, the melodies of old Europe and the lightness of the Mediterranean merge into fabulous songs full of joyous colour.