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Press Picture Quadro Nuevo Programme ‚‚TANGO‘‘
Press Picture Quadro Nuevo Programme ‚‚TANGO‘‘
Press Picture Quadro Nuevo Programme ‚‚TANGO‘‘

All pictures and images © Quadro Nuevo

During their 20 years of touring, Quadro Nuevo has been on a quest to find the very soul of Tango.

The intrepid Virtuosi have travelled to countless places, boldly sounded out more adventurous ways of playing and have been rewarded twice with the ECHO for their efforts.

In early 2014, they packed up their instruments once again: no tour this time, but an expedition into the Buenos Aires summer.

They moved into an old villa in the city, rehearsing daily in the sizzling midday heat, then swarmed out in the evening, diving head over heels into the nocturnal scene, rubbing elbows with Argentinian musicians, accompanying dancers; they encountered famous Tangueros and crazy street poets, talked until dawn and got drunk on heady wine and fresh tango direct from the source.

All of these experiences merged into their music, culminating in the new Quadro Nuevo Album „TANGO !

Mulo Francel (Saxophone, Clarinets)
D.D. Lowka (Acoustic Bass, Percussion)
Andreas Hinterseher (Accordion, Vibrandoneon)
Chris Gall (Piano)

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