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Quadro Nuevo Piano Book for Travellers (Vol. 2)
17 World Music Songs


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17 World Music Songs arranged by Susi Weiss


Songs – found and written on the road. World music in the style of the globe-touring band Quadro Nuevo. Their bags full of tunes, picked up here and there, yesterday and today. In addition to original compositions such as ‘Mocca Swing’, ‘Giovanni Tranquillo’ and ‘Ikarus Dream’, there are classics like ‘Parole Parole’, ‘Miserlou’, ‘Für mich soll’s rote Rosen regnen’ (‘Let it rain red roses for me’) and many others.

Newly arranged for piano, varying in their level from easy to moderately difficult.

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Piano Book for Travellers Vol. 1
Piano Book for Travellers Vol. 1
Piano Book for Travellers Vol. 1


Canzone della Strada
Der Weise
Die Abenteurer
El Choclo
Flying Carpet
Für Pauline
Gracias a la Vida
Kommissar Maigret
La Cumparsita
L’été Indien
Mosaique Tunisienne
Samba para Parapente
Swing Vagabond
Tu vuò fà l’Americano
Valzer Dottore
With The Poet In Italia


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