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Tango for two – 12 Tangos for Alt Sax & Piano Accompaniment on CD!


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This edition consists of the sheet music for alto saxophone along with a CD.

Not every saxophonist is fortunate enough to know a pianist with whom he can play duets. This version is meant for all of you who are. The enclosed CD contains all 12 tangos in full and play-along versions.

The alto saxophone was recorded by our well-travelled Quadro Nuevo saxophonist Mulo Francel.  Mulo has received the German Jazz Award several times for his numerous CD recordings and has been involved with Tango and World Music for many years.

The piano was recorded by Chris Gall, an alumnus of the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston. Chris, who has always been strongly attracted to Latin American music, travelled to Buenos Aires with Quadro Nuevo to immerse himself in the world of Tango.


CONTENTS: Nature Boy / Por una Cabeza / Libertango / Garcias tango / Canzone della Strada / El día que me quieras / Miserlou / El Choclo / Boedo, quarto día / El Cielo / El Titiritero / Oblivion

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