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Volkslied Reloaded (w/ harp)

Press Picture Quadro Nuevo Programme ‚‚Volkslied Reloaded‘‘ (Quadro Nuevo as Quartett with Evelyn Huber on harp)
Press Picture Quadro Nuevo Programme ‚‚Volkslied Reloaded‘‘ (Quadro Nuevo as Quartett with Evelyn Huber on harp)
Press Picture Quadro Nuevo Programme ‚‚Volkslied Reloaded‘‘ (Quadro Nuevo as Quartett with Evelyn Huber on harp)
Press Picture Quadro Nuevo Programme ‚‚Volkslied Reloaded‘‘ (Quadro Nuevo as Quartett with Evelyn Huber on harp)

All pictures and images © Quadro Nuevo

Quadro Nuevo’s musicians have been touring the globe since 1996.
Their melodies are nourished by encounters with foreign cultures and their peoples. And sometimes even by peoples that don't exist or by cultures they have invented themselves:
Imaginary Folklore!

But suddenly something happened ... something has changed ... completely changed!

Back from the big wide world, the musicians of Quadro Nuevo now turn to their own culture.
Born and bred at foot of the Alps, at home in the world, constantly on the road: Metropoles conquered, melodies sought, tangos found, played Swing in the Balkans, grooved in the Middle East, ridden camels through the desert, walked barefoot through the woods, ever onward, always more exotic ... and then?

Then came the thrill.
The thrill of the songs.

The farthest journey.
The one to our own roots.

The hidden treasure:
The innermost

Enriched and inspired by all of their experiences, the ensemble dares to undertake a deeply personal experiment:

Volkslied Reloaded

The World Music artists of Quadro Nuevo embark on an adventurous journey through the centuries, uncovering magnetic sounds from home and around the world.
Songs of German origin take their rightful place on stage next to melodies from abroad where, with a light-hearted and infections delight in playing, the instrumental art of Quadro Nuevo spans a broad connecting musical bridge.

The moon has risen.
Let’s meet at the well outside the gates.
All thoughts are free. Let them fly.

The current album “Quadro Nuevo & The Munich Radio Orchestra: Folksongs Reloaded” was released in the Spring of 2019 on SONY Classical as a CD and double vinyl.

There are several fault lines in the history of the German-language folk song.
The genre was appropriated by nationalist movements, force-fed to thousands of schoolchildren as music which they hated, turned into something kitschy, and generally messed about with.

And now what? It’s forgotten.
21st-century global information overkill has washed it away.
Robbed of its relevance and its ability to bind communities together, it has distanced itself from its native soil.

Italians, Scandinavians, Russians, Greeks. They all sit around together, happily singing their songs. But Germans don’t do that. And even if we wanted to do it, the art seems to have been lost to us. But surely there used to be a rich repertoire?
People singing about all those topics that are part of life: love, beauty, freedom, intoxication, celebrating one’s existence on this earth!

Now Quadro Nuevo is rescuing the folk song from oblivion and giving it a light-hearted place on stage next to other World Music. Injecting, with their unique instrumentation and sheer joy of playing, a shot of new blood into its old veins.
Giving it its own unique sound.

But what happens when the band applies its inimitable style, shaped by South-American rhythms and the art of improvisation, to the good old German folk song?
Can once popular songs like Hoch auf dem gelben Wagen or sound really cool?
Can we infuse them with the sound of today without getting lost in the past?
We can. You bet we can!

Our popular cultural heritage is revived, the rich musical essence distilled from the old songs. The virtuoso musicians apply their youthful energy and rhythmic sophistication to these old melodies, thereby returning their dignity. Without kitsch.
Because they enjoy playing them. Because they belong to them.

Quadro Nuevo

Mulo Francel Saxophones, Clarinets
Andreas Hinterseher Accordion, Bandoneon, Vibrandoneon, Trumpet
Evelyn Huber Harp, Salterio
D.D. Lowka Bass, Percussion

About Quadro Nuevo:
Quadro Nuevo has developed its very own language of tone poetry as an instrumental ensemble away from run-of-the-mill genre stereotyping. Tango, Balkan swing, Mediterranean lightness, daring improvisations, Oriental grooves - the musicians’ inspiration is born of their encounters with foreign cultures Their venues are as diverse as the roots of their music: as guests in concert halls and at festivals, they are equally comfortable taking to the open air in southern towns as street musicians, acting as a nocturnal tango band encouraging people to dance, playing in jazz clubs or in New York’s Carnegie Hall. In its more than 20-year history, Quadro Nuevo has performed more than 3500 concerts, travelling from Berlin over the Alps to Buenos Aires and from Helsinki through the Caucasus to Hong Kong.
"The award-winning and internationally successful thoroughbred musicians" (Süddeutsche Zeitung) were awarded the ECHO Jazz as Best Live Act in 2010 and 2011 and have received a Golden Record as well as, on several occasions, the German Jazz Award and the European Impala.

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